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Want Your Relationship With Your Daughter To Stay Close?

Get Your Daughter Talking™ Online Course

A 3-Part training online course to help moms say and do the right things to her tween/teen daughter so that they can communicate with less conflict and create a closeness where she will really talk to you.

You want a thriving close relationship with your daughter. Only problem is ...
you're butting heads instead of bonding.

Which makes you wonder...

  • What the heck do I say when she flies off the handle?

  • Where did I go wrong as a mother? 

  • Why can’t she just listen to me (a.k.a. “Do what I say”)? 

  • ​Have I done enough to prepare her for life?   

  • ​Am I screwing up my relationship with her?


I hear you!

I’ve been there (and pulled at my hair a few times!)

My name is Dr. Michelle Deering and I’m a Mother Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer.

I’m also a mother of twin young adult daughters!

They love to talk to me and share what’s going on in their lives. They both like to ask me for my advice and hang out with me “just because.”

And while that all sounds wonderful (which it is!), there was a period of time when it was not that way at all.

In fact, when my daughters entered their tween years, I had NO idea that I was unintentionally repeating patterns of interaction with them that my mom had done with me.

But in 2010, I (a licensed psychologist) put myself into therapy with a licensed marriage and family therapist. By September 2012, I’d transformed my relationship with my daughters.

And, by April 2018, I’ve gone on to help thousands of women worldwide improve their mother-daughter relationships.


By guiding them through the 5 essential steps of The Life Mirror Remedy® which are essential to break the cycles of conflict that creep into every mother-daughter relationship.

…and I want to share key elements of the first step with you in this 3-part online course!


If want to build a close mother-daughter relationship, then you’re going to have to pause & reflect on, well… YOUR Relationship With Your MOM!

It doesn’t matter how great (or not-so-great) a relationship you had with your mom. If you don’t find a way to pause to consider your behavior, reflect on its origins, and take informed and intentional steps to do differently with your daughter, then your relationship won’t improve. 

Mothers who have healthy thriving relationships with their daughters know that building real closeness doesn’t include thinking or doing the same things, or never having arguments or making mistakes. They know that you need to be able to do three things:  

And that is pause, reflect, and intentionally connect.   

You see, at the end of the day, if you’re not intentional about what you’re doing, then you’ll unintentionally do things to push your daughter away from you..  

And I know, deep down inside, what you really desire is for your daughter want to: Come to you, Open up to you and…Really talk to you, right?! 

Take it from someone who's not only lived through the process but also guided and helped moms and daughter through this psych-informed, research-based remedy.  

And once you learn these initial key elements of the first steps of The Life Mirror Remedy®, then you'll be well on your way to building the kind of close relationship you've always wanted to have with your daughter. 

So, let’s do this. 

Get Your Daughter Talking™ Online Course

A 3-part online course to help moms learn how to pause, reflect, and intentionally connect with their tween/teen daughters so that she’ll really want to talk to you.


You pay only $157 for the entire 3 Parts of the online course

This 3-part training online course is designed to help you gain valuable insight and give you strategies in three key aspects of your mother-daughter relationship: pausing, reflecting, and intentionally connecting.

From identifying your mother-daughter patterns to determining your new way of communicating, by the end of this course, you’ll have a plan of action locked in and ready to go, so you can interact more confidently and compassionately towards your daughter (and yourself!) and finally start experiencing your mother-daughter relationship in a new way! 


3 Trainings to Take You From “No Talk Zone” to Connected Communication
($1,997 Value)

Each recorded training will help you work through the 3 key elements for improving your communication. I've taken the highs and lows of my own mother-daughter journey and those of my mom clients and have distilled them into essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to get your daughter to really start talking to you. Let me shorten the learning curve for you so that you’ll can respond (not react!) to the curveballs of the motherhood journey! 

Training 1: Get Insight Into Her Life.

One of the biggest mistakes moms make is in not knowing (or understanding) the ARC-Effect™ and how it affects their mother-daughter relationship. Without this information, you’ll be more likely to repeat patterns of interaction that are sabotaging your relationship with your daughter. You’re busy juggling enough as it is, so you don't really want to be “flying blind” in this area, do you?

I didn't think so! In Training 1, we’re going to get crystal clear on exactly WHAT the ARC-Effect™ is — and what you should be keeping in mind when interacting with your daughter. 

Training 2: How To Handle Her Emotions.

There are a million and one daughters out there — but your daughter is uniquely who she is.

In Training 2, we’re going to get clear on what her specific needs are, so you can know exactly how to address those needs. You want to make sure you have those needs in mind when you interact with your daughter, so that she’ll know that you’re really wanting to connect with her.

Training 3: How To Get Her To Open Up.

Do you want your daughter to hear – really listen to – you? Then you will need to know what to say and do in a way that she can receive. You know her best – you’re her mom – but you might not know how to piece all this new information together. 

In Training 3, I will talk you through the implications of the first two lessons and give you specific things that will speak to her and change the way in which you both interact.

Access to the Mother Daughter Connections Private FB Group
($297 VALUE)

Connect with other moms, and get feedback from me as you pause, reflect, and intentionally connect with your daughter using the information and strategies you learn.


PLUS over $2,000 of Additional Bonuses, including...

Lifetime Access to the Training Records

($1997 Value)

Each of the training sessions will be uploaded to your course portal, so you can revisit them whenever you're making adjustments to how you pause, reflect, and intentionally connect with your daughter. 

Worksheets for Pausing & Reflecting

($97 Value)

I'm handing over done-for-you worksheets and templates to help you keep you on-track and intentional about your interactions with your daughter!

Get All of This for FREE When You Sign Up For The Online Course Today!

BUY the Get Your Daughter Talking™ Online Course
For Just $157!

When you sign up for the Get Your Daughter Talking Workshop™, you'll get...

  • 3 days of recorded trainings on how to pause, reflect, and connect with your daughter ($1,997 Value)

  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to the training recordings so you can revisit whenever you need to review how to interact with your daughter ($1,997 Value) 

  • Done-for-You Worksheet to help you stay intentional about your mother-daughter relationship ($97 Value)

Snag over $2,000 in value...

...FOR JUST $157

Have a burning question? Here's what's come up for other Mom participants:

  • My daughter is younger (or older) than a tween or teen. Is this course for me?

    Totally! This course is also for those moms who want to get prepared for their daughter’s tween/teen years. It is also for those who’s daughters are older. Learning the principles is what’s key and will help no matter what your daughter’s age is.

  • Is this course a therapy program? I’m already seeing a therapist.

    No, this course is NOT a THERAPY program; nor should it be used as a substitute for therapy. 

    If you’re seeing a therapist, that's awesome! This course is an educational resource that can supplement what you are covering with your therapist. 

  • Where is this course occurring?

    This course -- the audio recordings -- are being hosted on Hiro.fm

    After you purchase the course, you will receive communications that will direct you to your personalized (lifetime) access to the recordings and downloadable materials.

  • Will this really help me get closer to my daughter?

    For sure, friend! The material covered will serve as a foundation for building more intentionally effective communication between you and your daughter.

  •  Will I be able to ask Dr. Deering questions?

    You bet! I am active in my private Facebook group -- a community of moms who support each other and belief that healthy mother daughter relationships are possible. You can always ask questions and receive feedback and encouragement inside the group.


Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle — Your Mother Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer

I have had the awesome experiences of attending and graduating from Brown University, working as a licensed psychologist and board-certified sport psychologist with amazing female collegian scholars and scholar-athletes at a Big Ten university and career-minded women and moms at a Fortune 500 company, and much more!

But had you told me back in 2010 that my darkest time as a mom of twin daughters would have resulted—eight years later—in my writing a best-selling book on mother-daughter relationships in six months and becoming host of the popular Mother Daughter Connections™ podcast ... I wouldn't have believed you. Why? Because, I felt like I was NOT GOOD ENOUGH as a mom! Over the last eight years, I've not only grown as a person but also transformed my relationship with my daughters. And I have helped thousands of women and moms worldwide experience the same transformation through The Life Mirror Remedy®.

I'm so excited to share my experience and expertise with you so you can connect intentionally with your daughter and experience the kind of open communication and closeness you desire!

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